8 Secrets Your Soul Wants You To Know

Giving thanks begins with the gratitude we create and feel internally. We talk about soul a lot, usually when speaking about something that moves you or something you care deeply about. But, what is soul and how do you engage with it to live the most meaningful life?

Here are 8 secrets to help your soul SHINE and LIVE each day with internal and external gratitude:

1. Ego doesn’t live here: One of the greatest things about connecting to who you are is realizing that you’re open and impermeable. Ego doesn’t live at the root of who you are – your soul. Labels vanish. Opinions have ceased. Sure, you still prefer your coffee black and your eggs scrambled, but when it comes to people and ideas… your resistance settles and you accept everything and everyone for what it is or who they are.

2. Life changes, the soul does not: We’ve all heard “change is the only constant.” It’s true. Some people welcome change easier than others. If you’re one who is uneasy about change, get to know yourself better; the one thing that will always remain the same is your soul. The deeper connection you have, the less you’ll resist change. In fact, it may even delight you.

3. Feed me: Of course the soul appreciates the loads of fruits and veggies you fill it with. But what really makes the soul nourished is laughter and joy (since those are the things soul is made of). When you meditate (or whatever spiritual practice you use), ask your soul what you can do for it.

4. Love and love some more: Start with you. Often times when you hear the word “love,” you conjure up this image of romance or a significant other. That’s a part of love. But love begins within. When my daughter has trouble settling in for bed at night (“My body still wants to play!”), we do this exercise where we tell each of our body parts why we are thankful for it or how we appreciate a specific activity it helps us participate in each day; we show love to our bodies.

5. Silence does not equal loneliness: When you spend time alone, you’ll realize you’re actually not at all alone. Silence gives you the opportunity to let your soul speak to your entire being. Listen. Connect with yourself.

6. You are worthy: Just as you are. There is not one thing you could do, buy, say, create, eat or read that would make you any more worthy than you already are. Be confident that everything you need, you already have… say it aloud. Give yourself constant reminders that you have all the tools in your toolbox to build the life you want. Although we ALL have these tools, they work differently for each of us. Find joy in figuring out how these tools best work for you.

7. You can change your mind: You’re faced with a decision, so you do your best to make the “right” one. But as it turns out, that decision may not have been the right one. It’s okay. A lot of times, you think you are stuck on one path, because you put so much time, energy and thought into getting here. It’s comfortable, you tell yourself, but painfully comfortable. Know that you can start over or change your mind at any point in life. Let the soul guide you. Others may question your change of heart… but remember, you are worthy still. Always.

8. Karma is on your side: Many have this misunderstanding about karma. You think of it as “what goes around comes around,” which is true, but when you use the term, you typically use it as a negative concept. George cheated, therefore Karma will reprimand George in some way. But Karma is actually a really beautiful thing. In essence, you get back what you put into life. If you put forth love, compassion and kindness, then those qualities will be returned to you. Karma begins with intention. If you set out to do good, your soul knows. Even if you mess up, the soul understands that you put goodwill out there.

Put these 8 secrets on repeat each day. In fact, don’t keep them secrets at all! Connect with your loved ones and remind them that they too have all the tools to tap into their deepest and best self. Remember, the more knowledge we share, the stronger our community grows. 

Erinne Magee

About Erinne Magee

Erinne is a Maine-based writer and freelance editor specializing in first person essays, poetry and picture books. Her work has appeared in publications like: The Washington Post, Redbook, Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping and The Toronto Sun. For more, visit: www.erinnemagee.com