12-year-old Collects Socks for Bangor’s Homeless

The smell of fresh laundry fills your home, as you match the socks that have not been consumed by the dryer monster. Chances are, by week’s end, you’ll once again put on a pair that aren’t actually a pair but look similar enough.

But what if unmatched socks weren’t even an option? What if having this basic necessity depended largely on the kindness of your community?

One 12-year-old girl is hoping to spread warmth this winter by collecting socks for the Bangor Hope House.

“My Pastor told me a story where he gave a homeless man a pair of socks and the man smiled like he got a million dollars,” said Merissa Pomeroy of Carmel.

The sock drive, which began in September, is the first of many projects Pomeroy plans to organize.

“The most surprising thing is that socks are most needed and least donated,” she said.

Initially, Pomeroy had the goal of 200 but has already surpassed that total.

“Kids can help every day,” said Pomeroy. “Just by doing the small things like putting back a cart at the store.”

The largest donation received so far has been 44 pair of socks, but no contribution is too small.

Drop off boxes have been set up at North Star Christian School in Hermon as well as Next Generation Theater in Brewer, where Pomeroy performs.

To learn more about the sock drive and keep up to date on Pomeroy’s next mission of collecting toiletries for the homeless, you can visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Good-Deeds-for-God-1651887825066048/

12-year-old Merissa Pomeroy is collecting socks for the Bangor Hope House

12-year-old Merissa Pomeroy is collecting socks for the Bangor Hope House


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